cooling systems

There are many situations in which we rely on flawless cooling systems, e.g., for ventilation or manufacturing processes. We even require efficient industrial cooling for our personal comfort – for supermarkets, offices, etc. That’s why our designers will offer you energy-efficient and cost-effective solutions. High-quality modern equipment provides reliability and energy efficiency, which allows you to maximize your energy savings.

modernize and save

Upgrading your cooling system allows a quick return on your investment. We can estimate your potential energy savings. Upgrading will also make your cooling system more environmentally friendly.

our services focus on:

  • refrigeration compressor units
  • dry cooling systems, condensers
  • heat pumps
  • rooftop units
  • free cooling systems
  • absorption chiller units
  • distribution systems for specific types of materials, including fittings
  • thermal insulation for pipes and fittings

the type of buildings where we install our cooling systems:

  • industrial buildings – cooling technology, cooling for ventilation systems
  • municipal buildings
  • waste heat recovery from refrigeration equipment

What we can help you with when it comes to cooling:

project documentation
system startup