Whether we are supplying a heating system for an industrial building, a commercial space, or a family home, we always provide professional, highly economical solutions. The project need not be comprehensive − we also offer partial services. You can contact us about project design, realization, and/or maintenance.

modernize and save

Upgrading a heating system allows a quick return on your investment. We can give you an estimate of your potential energy savings. By upgrading, you will also acquire a more environmentally friendly heating system.

our services focus on:

  • boilers and heating systems in family houses and apartment buildings
  • heat sources and heating systems in industrial buildings
  • heat pumps
  • infrared heaters, radiant panels
  • construction and reconstruction of boiler rooms, including control systems
  • waste heat recovery
  • steam boiler rooms and steam distribution systems
  • steam generators
  • heat exchange stations
    cleaning heat exchangers and heat distribution systems
  • reconstructing existing heating systems
  • regulating and adjusting heating systems
  • thermal insulation
  • chimneys, flues
  • pre-insulated pipe systems − heating pipes

the type of buildings where we install heating systems:

  • family houses and apartment buildings
  • industrial buildings, factories, workshops, and warehouses
  • agricultural enterprises
  • civic buildings
  • hotels
  • hospitals

What we can help you with when it comes to heating:

project documentation
system startup