distribution systems for gas and other materials

We design, install, and provide maintenance and reconstruction for domestic and industrial gas pipelines for natural gas and propane-butane. We provide the necessary project documentation, and we provide system startup services, maintenance, and inspection of gas equipment.

We primarily install distribution systems for industrial technologies. The many projects we have completed have given us extensive experience with distribution systems for chemicals, industrial gases, compressed air, loose materials, natural gas, cooling media, and more. According to the type of matter for distribution, we select a suitably durable material for the pipes and fittings. The selected material ensures safe transport of the substance without the risk of corrosion or possible environmental pollution. In addition to chemical resistance, we also take into account excellent temperature and mechanical resistance parameters when selecting these materials.

our services focus on:

  • internal distribution systems for natural gas and propane-butane
  • domestic and industrial gas connections
  • low pressure (NTL), medium pressure (STL) gas pipelines
  • fluid distribution systems
  • gas distribution (compressed air, industrial gases)
  • chemical distribution systems

the types of buildings where we install heating systems:

Gas distribution systems:

  • industrial buildings, factories, workshops, warehouses
  • family houses and apartment buildings
  • civic facility buildings

Material distribution systems:

  • industrial production lines

What we can help you with when it comes to heating:

project documentation
system startup