measurement and regulation

The field of measurement and regulation is closely related to our other activities, especially in the fields of heating, cooling, material distribution, ventilation, and air conditioning. Modern measurement and regulation elements can significantly optimize the regulation and efficiency of heating, cooling, and technological systems. Our staff has many years of experience in the field of regulation technology, which guarantees that the measurement and control systems we design are reliable. Before coming up with our designs, we conduct an analysis to ensure the solution is optimal. Each project realization includes training HVAC equipment operators and developing operating rules.

our services focus on:

  • HVAC system control and regulation
  • controlling technological processes
  • measuring variables – diagnostics
  • balancing and adjusting heating and cooling systems as well as ventilation

measuring variables:

  • accurate value measurements to obtain actual input parameters
  • inspection of gauges, flowmeters and other means of analysis – accuracy tracking and subsequent calibration
  • measuring water flow for heating and cooling systems

measurement units for air conditioning and ventilation:

  • accurate value measurement to obtain actual input parameters
  • inspecting gauges, flowmeters, and other means of analysis – accuracy tracking and subsequent calibration
  • eliminating gauge/meter deviation without the need for dismantlement – savings, reduced maintenance frequency
  • air analysis
  • water flow measurement for heating and cooling systems

balancing units:

We use an efficient type of balancing unit to measure the water flow in heating and cooling systems – fast and efficient balancing, quick error diagnosis.

  • total pressure, pressure differential, flow rate, fluid temperature, hydronic system performance
  • graphic presentation in the form of time graphs

the scope of our activities in the field of measurement and regulation:

  • analysis
  • the concept of system management
  • project documentation
  • supply/delivery
  • installation and operator training
  • warranty and post-warranty service
  • diagnostics and optimization